The way this online German course combines live classes with online lessons ensures an intensive, effective learning experience. Both the beginner student and the more advanced learner acquire a knowledge of the German language that is as fluent and as accurate as that of a native speaker. This is because you learn German with native speakers through personalized, one-on-one lessons over the Internet. Working with your personal tutor, you become familiar with sentence structure and vocabulary so that you gain a complete command of the language. You also prepare for the live German lessons by studying interactive online material and review after the live classes using specific exercises.

The objective of the Live German Course

The objective of the Live German Course online is to bring anyone who wishes to learn the German language up to their best possible level of proficiency. The aim is that you learn to express yourself in German naturally, both orally and in written form, and are able to understand texts as well as conversations. You learn to speak German from the very start of the course, even if you are a complete beginner, and eventually you will be able to operate in a German-speaking environment in an independent way as native speakers do.

Thanks to this proven method, you practice and constantly improve all language skills: you learn to understand and speak German as well as read and write the language. Your German pronunciation is accurate, your way of speaking German is correct and spontaneous, and you can understand German texts and dialogs of progressive difficulty. Besides, since you have varied exercises to practice and a personal tutor to support you, you can reap the benefits of your studies very fast. If you are a beginner, you can quickly learn the basics and reach an elementary level comparable to the A1 Breakthrough stage of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). After that, or if you already know some German, you can easily progress to a higher level of proficiency where you interact in German with native speakers correctly and spontaneously, which is comparable to the B1 Threshold or B2 Vantage stage of the CEF.

Live classes, online lessons, and offline study

The main feature of the German course is its unique 'live' component. The program offers you a personal classroom where you and your language tutor meet to learn German online. The tuition is personalized as the live classes are one-on-one. This makes the German course extremely effective: this is an intensive learning experience that quickly produces results. The virtual classroom's features allow you to interact with your private tutor both by speaking to him/her and by writing. During the live classes you:

Learn to speak German at the same high level of a native speaker by practicing with one who has been professionally trained to teach the language.

Use texts, pictures, exercises, and other material that the teacher provides on screen to make the practice as interactive and varied as possible.

Record the lesson so that you can go through it again at your leisure.

Being able to record the live classes actually means that you can take the lessons over and over again. At any time you can listen again; see the material used and take notes; transfer the audio portion onto a CD or MP3 player so you can listen to it on the go; etc.

Receive personalized material that is suitable to your level of proficiency and helps you progress fast.

Your personal tutor creates new material especially for you so that you have specific practice on those topics that require more attention on your part. You also receive assignments and homework that the tutor corrects and sends back to you for review. All this ensures that you study German in a variety of ways, never get bored and make steady progress too!

To support the live classes, you benefit from additional learning material, available both online and offline. You can use the online German lessons to prepare for the live classes and to review afterwards. The online lessons include:

Vocabulary flashcards with German pronunciation and translations into English.

Concise grammatical explanations accompanied by examples.

Interactive exercises to test your understanding of the German language.

All these features come with audio files so that you are constantly listening to German and develop the right feeling for the language.

The offline German lessons come in the form of a book that you can use to learn German away from the computer. This way, you can further practice what you have learned after each live lesson. The book includes:

Texts for reading comprehension.

Dialogs with everyday German vocabulary and expressions.

Notes and tables about grammar.

Exercises for review.

More features that make this German course unique

The Live German Course is an online education program, but it was conceived to help you learn and practice German away from the computer as well. These are some of the features that make Live Deutsch an unrivaled program to learn German online:

Printable Text
Text version of vocabulary, grammar, and practice exercises. You can print the flashcards, the grammatical explanations, and the exercises so you can also study German when you do not have a computer at hand.

MP3 Files
Sound files in MP3 format. The German vocabulary is also available as a list where each word is an MP3 file. If you want, you can download the files onto an MP3 player (e.g. iPod) to practice listening comprehension and pronunciation.

Select Cards
In each Vocabulary section you can remove cards if you want to study a smaller number of words or remove the words you have memorized. You can also add cards back for review or if you tend to forget some of the words.

Preload Files
You can preload sound and data files to your local PC cache before studying. Once you have preloaded the files, you can disconnect from the Internet and learn German offline.

Experience the Live German Course

You can learn more and try some of the features of Live Deutsch in the Quick Tour. You can also sign up for the Live German Course straight away using the enrollment page. To take a free German lesson before enrolling, please contact us.